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Our massages start at 120 € 40 minutes

Rua: Agostinho Lourenço, 20A – Lisboa


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Availability: Monday to Friday – 11:00 to 21:30


Tantric Express

Express tantric massage, lasts 40 minutes and is for people who are in a hurry, but still need a relaxing massage. Try our Tantric Express!

40 min – 2 mãos


Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage is the ultimate melee massage you will ever experience. And our elite therapists are experts at this. Originating in Japan, the masseuse will use her naked body to glide up and down over you, using every inch of your body, including breasts and buttocks, in a variety of positions. It is Erotic massage is an intense journey of pleasure and a perfect blend of excitement and relaxation. All you need to do is lie down and enjoy. Allow yourself to this game of bodies, passion and sexuality.

60 min – 2 hands or 4 hands



Made for kings and queens who want to connect and bond with their loved one in a meaningful and sensual. This massage will be performed by one or two therapists who will guide you to touch, using tantric techniques such as breathing, eye contact and Lingam and Yoni stimulation. Discover new ways to please your partner and increase your full connectivity potential sexual. Samsara is not just a massage, it is a gift of love, lust and ecstasy.

 60 min – 2 hands or 4 hands



What's more invigorating than taking a shower at the end of a stressful day? Have a tantric massage followed by a relaxing bath with a beautiful masseuse at Spa Nuru. This exclusive technique combines the traditional tantric massage and ends in the shower, where your wet bodies entwine in a true moment of intimacy and let yourself be bathed in pleasure and intensity.

60 min



This massage is the embodiment of your most secret fantasies and for those who dare to experience powerful. Nuru's Fetish Massage was designed to achieve Nirvana by combining the pleasure of touches tantrics with accessories, feathers, sexy clothes and everything your mind craves and your body craves. Indulge in a burst of sexual energy and happiness.

60 min – 2 hands or 4 hands



The traditional Yoni massage is a unique discovery experience for women. This old Tantric massage helps you to release many tensions in a wonderful and invigorating way and is perfect for celebrating your femininity, deeply exploring your intimacy unlike anything else that you've felt before. Break your taboos and surrender to the Venus massage.

 60 min – 2 hands



This ancient tantric massage aims to stimulate the Lingam and awaken your libido and passion. Using special bodywork procedures, the therapist will use gentle touches and sensual starting with the torso, moving to the thighs and finishing in the Lingam. this treatment Erotic will make you release your tensions, lose your inhibitions and reach the peak of pleasure. Let us satisfy you with this unique Eros Massage.

60 min – 2 hands or 4 hands



Nuru's Greek massage is an act of serving and pleasing. Our beautiful masseuse will place you in a comfortable lounge chair and start therapy using your fingers and an aromatic oil to press specific points on your feet that will do so fall into a deep resting place. As you feel your body and spirit relaxed with this selfless gesture, the masseuse will increase sensual pleasure by using her breasts to massage your feet in circular motions and progress to more erogenous zones like the back of your knees and thighs. Surrender to this exclusive technique only at Nuru Spa and book a session today.

60 min – 2 hands



This massage is an invitation to an exuberant and extraordinary experience. You will delight your eyes and body with two masseuses welcoming you with a tantric hug, building the intimacy between your body and theirs. You will then be put to bed and the therapists will seduce you with a tantric dance while you enjoy yourself in a moment of extreme excitement. This four-hand massage will then give a more personal touch to your entire body, using oil and feathers while you're blindfolded, giving you pleasure until you beg to surrender.

60 min – 4 hands